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""You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." - Barbara De Angelis"

(via the-random-quotes)

Remove all d memories so that you can move on.. fighting!



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The wind is carrying
the dreams of the life
that we should have had.
When the air brushes
against my skin, nostalgia
takes over my mind,
and all of my current
thoughts of moving on
are replaced with memories
of the times when we
refused to believe
that our end would
ever be near.


You are not a piece of land to be split into acres or provinces

that can be easily sold off to the highest bidder.

Instead, you are here to stay, no matter how much

every pulse of blood feels like an anxiety attack

or a sledgehammer tearing down a dilapidated building

covered in peeling paint…


'A'ishah (R.A) narrated:
Once, when I saw the Prophet in a good mood, I said to him: “O Messenger of Allah! Supplicate to Allah for me!

So, he said: “O Allah! Forgive ‘A’ishah her past and future sins, what she has hidden, as well as what she has made apparent.

So, I began smiling, to the point that my head fell into my lap out of joy.

The Messenger of Allah said to me: “Does my supplication make you happy?

I replied: “And how can your supplication not make me happy?

He then said: “By Allah, it is the supplication that I make for my Ummah in every prayer.

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come forth later in uglier ways."

Sigmund Freud (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

'Take time each day to breathe, reflect and sit with your feelings. Write a little everyday,
be brave and dare to move out of your comfort zone."
- Lyn Mikel Brown

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