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Growing up as a young Muslim nowadays, you just have to be real. Sometimes you really have to sit and ask yourself if your faith is your top priority. if it’s not, then something has gotta change. Because when pleasing your creator is your top priority, then everything else falls right into place.

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Wrap my love around your heart.
And around your mind.
Allow it to seep in,
Until you realize,
And acknowledge,
That you really are loved,

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here’s your daily reminder that:

  • Allah ﷻ loves you more than anyone else ever could/will.
  • rasulullah ﷺ cried while praying for you.
  • this dunya is fleeting and everything in it has an end. 
  • Allah’s pleasure is your aim.
  • jannah is your home.

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You can tell me of the pain in your heart.
Or if you don’t want to,
You can just rest your head on my shoulder.
I won’t ask any questions if you don’t want me to,
I promise.

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“Things are most often not as they seem. What looks peaceful outside, is often total chaos inside. And what looks like chaos outside, is often peaceful inside. So don’t ever judge. Don’t envy what looks perfect and don’t despair at what looks broken.” — Yasmin Mogahed (via majda-farha)

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لا تنتظر من أحد شيء في الأشياء الجميلة دائماً تأتي من الله

Don’t expect anything from anyone for beautiful things always come from Allah.

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